Is Virtual Therapy Effective for Trauma?

Sometimes our stress ends up controlling our lives. While it’s useful and healthy in small amounts, if all you’re feeling is stress, day in and day out, you’ll be better off finding an effective, safe, and healthy method of stress management. Of course, everyone’s stress is different, and we’re not all overworked businesspeople or dealing with toxic people in our daily lives.

In some cases, stress is caused by something that happened to us long ago but hasn’t been dealt with completely. Trauma is more than just a moment – it can haunt us for months, years, or even the rest of our lives unless it’s not managed effectively.

As a trauma therapist in Bethesda, MD, like our friends at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates can explain that effective treatment for your trauma oftentimes means effective treatment for your stress. But what does trauma therapy entail, and what happens if your post-traumatic stress is left unchecked and untreated? Read on to learn more about effective trauma management, and see how a therapist can help make a difference.

What does post-traumatic stress look like?

Post-traumatic stress looks different for everyone. Because every source of trauma is different, there are many ways in which post-traumatic stress can manifest itself. You may feel anxious or short-tempered, especially in situations that make you remember your trauma. And you may experience insomnia, flashbacks, and nightmares that keep your trauma with you in the present – even though it may have happened years ago.

Post-traumatic stress affects everyone differently, and so do therapeutic approaches. It’s easy to fall into a downward spiral of self-harm and destructive behavior if you haven’t learned to cope with your trauma healthily, so you must reach out and get some professional help if you find yourself reliving your trauma and letting your post-traumatic stress control your life.

Can virtual therapy help with my post-traumatic stress?

Short answer: Yes. Virtual therapy is an effective tool for helping with all mental health challenges, and post-traumatic stress is no exception. When you reach out to a professional for help with your PTSD, you take the first step on a long road to recovery. What the rest of that road looks like is up to you and your therapist to decide.

You’re taking charge of your personal safety when you schedule a virtual appointment with a trauma therapist. If you’re dealing with severe trauma, leaving your house without being triggered by someone or something that may remind you of that traumatic experience can be difficult. Fortunately, virtual therapy can take place wherever you feel safe and comfortable.

Virtual therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder can also help you maintain a sense of confidentiality. You won’t have to deal with commuting or being in a waiting room. If you value your privacy and would rather not open up to anyone but your therapist about your PTSD, virtual trauma therapy can help you stay home and stay under the radar.

Schedule an appointment with a trauma therapist today.

Don’t let PTSD control your life. When you find yourself struggling with stress that can be traced back to a traumatic experience, you’re missing out on an entire life that’s worth living. Get in touch with a trauma therapist today, and see how a virtual appointment can help.