Allergies can produce extreme, and even life-threatening reactions within a person’s body. This is why knowing exactly what causes your reactions is vitally important, so you can more easily avoid them. If this is not possible, such as for pollen and dust allergies, you should know how to keep the reactions under control. Keep in mind, there are some herbs which can work to reduce or even eliminate allergies or asthma for some individuals. Do your own research and speak with your allergist, like an allergist in Washington, DC from Black & Kletz Allergy, and primary physician about these options.

Eczema and Allergens

Eczema can be a difficult case to pinpoint, as this skin condition can be triggered with and without an allergen. Skin that is affected with eczema doesn’t do its job in keeping moisture in or keeping bacteria, irritants and common allergens out, which is what causes the side effects of eczema. Inflammation that occurs can be due to an allergy but can also be caused by bacteria and bad habits such as a poor diet. While it might be hard to figure out why you’re getting eczema outbreaks, if you want to have healthy skin you will have to figure it out, and a doctor or allergist can help you do that.

A strange phenomenon is that more people in the United States believe they have food allergies, compared to people who are actually afflicted by a food allergy. Even those who are tested can be shown a false positive. If, for example, you live near a lot of corn or potato crops and you test positive for a corn or potato allergy, you may instead have a pollen allergy.

Asthma and Allergens

Having the type of asthma that is triggered by an allergen can become life-threatening if not kept under control. Asthma has the potential to cause a detrimental amount of inflammation within the airways of your lungs, causing your breathing to become severely restricted.

If you or your children have persistent asthma, testing is recommended as it could be caused by something indoors that might be able to be eliminated. Then you can live healthy without an inhaler all the time and potentially improve the health of the rest of your family if the offending substance ends up being something like mold. Tests for inhalant allergens are the most common for asthma, as food does not commonly cause these symptoms.

This type of asthma could go on all year long if you’re constantly being exposed to your allergen inside your home or at work, such as dust mites, mold and pet dander. It is also common to be allergic to things like seasonal pollen and mold, causing your asthma to only appear at certain times of the year.

While finding the source of your allergic reactions might be a challenge, it is a challenge worth figuring out. Once you do, you can enjoy a healthier life!