Too often, older adults shy away from seeking professional assistance with their mental and emotional needs. Many older adults grew up in an era during which counseling was stigmatized. However, as an experienced McLean, VA therapist – including those who practice at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates – can confirm, this stigma has all but disappeared. As a result, if you are an older adult and you find yourself in need of support, counseling may be an investment of your time worth embracing. The following are some considerations to weigh as you seek a therapist whose approach and practice fit your unique needs. 

A Focus on the Elderly

Different therapists focus on different types of life’s issues. There are marriage counselors, youth therapists, those who focus on death and mourning, and those who focus on postpartum depression. The good news is there are also therapists who have experience and a desire to work with older adults. If you’re an elderly couple looking for help rekindling your romance, you might want to look for an elderly couple’s therapist. If you’re looking for help dealing with the death of your spouse, look for a therapist who focuses on grief and who has experience working with older adults.

A Quality Recommendation

If you’re looking for a therapist, you should look for recommendations from other individuals who are close to you in age. Sometimes, a quality recommendation is the best direction you can get. You may or may not be able to find recommendations and reviews online, but you do have some other options. If there’s a senior center in town, you could anonymously put out a request for recommendations via the receptionist. If you live in an elderly community, you could post a request on the community board.

An Affordable Service

It can get expensive to go to therapy, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Check to see if the therapist you’re considering takes your insurance coverage. If you’re on Medicare, there may be certain providers you have to see to receive coverage. If the therapist you feel can best help you doesn’t accept your insurance or isn’t a Medicare participant, speak with them about affordable payment options.

A Convenient Location

Look for a therapist located locally. If you don’t have a reliable mode of transportation, you may want to find a therapist even closer so you can get there last minute if your circumstances require it.

Getting Started with a Therapist

Sometimes the most serious kinds of mental and emotional stresses arise when someone is advancing in age, and a good therapist can help to relieve the stress and pain. Get started with your counseling sessions today by contacting a therapist who can guide you in the right direction.