Patient Adjustments: Are They All the Same?

If you have never been to the chiropractor, you may think that every visit is the same. Perhaps you believe that each adjustment uses the same technique and every chiropractor uses that technique on every patient. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Patients are not all adjusted in the same way upon a chiropractic visit.

Initial Examination

Every patient that visits the chiropractor undergoes an initial examination. While each examination has standard similarities, the results are often different. The practitioner will test blood pressure, reflexes, respiration and pulse on all patients. In addition, he or she will perform neurological and orthopedic tests. The idea is to test range of motion and muscle tone.

While many patients have similar complaints and end up in the chiropractor’s office due to chronic pain in the back or neck, there may be differences in symptoms and condition. The chiropractor discovers most of this in that initial exam.

Patient Conditions

Patients come in with a variety of different conditions. For instance, the way that a doctor treats a patient with whiplash will be different from how the doctor treats a patient who has recently undergone back surgery. Chiropractors see a wide variety of patients with different levels of pain and range of motion. Due to this, it would not make sense if there were a one size fits all version of treatment.

Tailored Treatment

Chiropractors, like any medical professional, tailor his or her treatment of patients to their specific condition. The doctor evaluates for unique conditions and problems and creates a treatment plan based around that individual. They use their experience and knowledge of the musculoskeletal structure to determine the appropriate treatment. The doctor has to determine the type of treatment. In addition, he or she will determine the length of it.

There are several types of adjustments available and each one fits a different circumstance. A list of some of the adjustments include:

  • Spinal mobilization
  • Myofascial release
  • Articulatory
  • Direct thrust
  • Muscle energy technique
  • Cervical spine manipulation
  • Indirect positional technique

These are only some of the more common adjustments that chiropractors may use. By no means is this a complete list. Every chiropractor has techniques that he or she favors above others and that he or she specializes in delivering to patients.

When it comes to chiropractic visits, you can’t expect each visit to be the same for everyone. Each patient is treated as an individual, rather than receiving the same treatment as another. If you’re suffering from back or neck pain, contact a chiropractor for a consultation and adjustment!


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