What is Commercial Demolition and What May It Cost Me?

What is Commercial Demolition and What May It Cost Me?

Finding the right person or company for a demolition project can be tricky. You have to ensure that the party you hire has years of experience and truly knows the nuances associated with demolition practices. A qualified person can talk with you about the various approaches to demolition, safety protocols, how to incorporate considerations for safety, recycling, and environmental stewardship. 

What is commercial demolition?

The dismantlement or demolishment of a commercial property is called “commercial demolition.” Commercial property includes buildings such as hotels, stores, churches, factories, and office buildings. There is much more caution and strategy that goes into commercial demolition compared to residential demolition.

For commercial demolition, equipment such as bulldozers, excavators, wrecking balls, and rope pulls are commonly used. If you need a demolition or dismantlement for a commercial property, keep in mind that this approach tends to entail loud noises and an abundance of dust particles. 

What is cheaper, imploding a building or deconstructing and dismantling it?

Depending on the factors for your project, it may be cheaper to implode a building versus dismantling or deconstructing it. However, it is possible for funds to be replenished with the deconstruction approach. This is a much slower process that entails more hands-on work, but building materials can be set aside and recycled for a small profit. This is also the best method when considering environmental impacts. During the dismantling, shear legs, cranes, and other large machinery may be used to help support the building. 

How common are explosion/implosion demolition projects?

Despite the explosion being what people imagine when they hear the term “demolition,” this approach is not as commonly used. In fact, it is used the least often for demolition projects. This method is only suitable if mechanical demolition or deconstruction aren’t viable options. With explosion/implosion, there are public health concerns such as environmental impacts, damage to nearby structures, air quality, noise, and flying debris. 

Even though the explosion causes a big mess, it isn’t done in a reckless manner. When a demolition project includes an explosion or implosion, expert professionals are required to get the job done safely. Before this can be accomplished, there are legal permissions and other documentation that must be completed first. 

Who can perform commercial demolition?

Any worker, supervisor, contractor, management planner, and inspector who wants to perform commercial demolition must have sufficient training and accreditations based on state, local, and federal requirements. Commercial demolition must be done with vast care and many years of experience. If you are considering hiring a company for a demolition project, ensure that it isn’t just anyone. Always ask for references, past construction job examples, and their training and education.

What does it mean to practice environmental stewardship for demolition?

Environmental stewardship is when a demolition project is planned with a focus on improving the community and environment through the work being done. Hazardous materials are safely and carefully removed from buildings, so the area can be used for new construction projects that may have not been possible otherwise. 

If you need a building renovated or demolished, contact a respected commercial demolition service, like a commercial demolition service in Los Angeles, CA.

Thanks to Nielsen Environmental for their insight into what commercial demolition is and how it is done.